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[ko-jit-o] : to think, ruminate, ponder, consider, plan

Before there is a mention of technical components it is our priority to understand exactly what your business wants from your IT.

Availability – What dependence does your business have on your IT being available? How would your business cope in the event of critical IT failure? How long could your business survive without your IT systems?

Capacity – Does the capacity of your IT infrastructure match the evolving demands of the business? How is it restrictive? What are the goals of the business, and will the present infrastructure be able to cope with growth?

Our aim is to understand the business requirements and long-term strategy, advising on what to upgrade, when and at what cost, whilst continually reviewing the latest technologies.

Continuity – Do you have an effective disaster recovery plan? Could your company function to minimum business level requirements following an interruption to the business?

Our aim is to identify the vulnerable areas and risks and then produce an IT Continuity Plan which is supportive to the overall Business Continuity Plan.

Years of experience and the ability to communicate at business level allows us to advise and recommend possible business procedural changes to enable you to exploit the best from modern business software.