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[ko-jit-o] : to think, ruminate, ponder, consider, plan

Cloud services are transforming the IT industry. Traditionally a small business had to invest in a server and system software. With the emergence of Internet based applications the server with it’s expensive installation and maintenance can be dispensed with and replaced with a well thought out selection of hosted applications to provide email, calendar sharing, and backup services.

There are many options available from hosted Exchange to Google business services. Cogito can help you make the right decisions and support your growth and development.

Imagine a scenario consisting of a hosted email and telephone system with online backup covering your machines.

In an emergency your employees simply log in to the email and telephone from home and your clients see no disruption. Your data can be accessed from the online backup until normal systems are restored.

Even better, if you move offices, you simply need new broadband connections and everything stays the same—even your telephone number—wherever you move to your moving costs are minimised.

Let us show you how having your head in the clouds can enhance your business.